Chart Wood School will be moving to a new site in Dorking over the holiday period and will become Unified Academy from 1st September 2020. Unified Academy will remain part of Orchard Hill College Academy Trust.

Our approach

Implementation – subject specialist and SEMH specialists

Our spiral curriculum is a model of education in which learning occurs by revisiting topics over time and building skills, knowledge and understanding iteratively.  Topics are encountered with increasing complexity according to pupil’s previous engagement and attainment, with new learning built upon previous achievement.

Literacy and Maths are key curriculum areas. Skills developed in these areas enable more effective access to the wider curriculum and the development of independent and life skills. To support this all staff are trained in the delivery of synthetic phonics across the curriculum. All staff follow a ‘Talk for Writing’ approach to teaching writing. This ensures a consistent approach across the curriculum best matched to pupil’s needs. The school’s calculations policy ensures consistency of language and approaches used to teach and develop key mathematical concepts. This also ensures that the use of mathematical skills embedded across the curriculum are clearly signposted for pupils, supporting the retrieval of prior leaning.

Literacy, numeracy, ICT and Careers exist as discrete subjects within the timetable but are embedded and clearly signposted throughout all areas of the curriculum.  Foundation knowledge is secured in these subject areas before it is applied to real life situational learning in the Upper School.

As well as academic study equal emphasis is paid to a pupil’s personal development.  Their mental and physical well-being is addressed through our wellbeing offer linked to the NHS 5 healthy outcomes and through the tutorial programme linked to SMSC outcomes. The delivery of the curriculum and the structure of the school are rooted in the nurture principles which provides pupils with a physical and emotional ‘safe place’ to explore their feelings and concerns.  The enables staff to develop pupil’s metacognition. Pupils develop personal reflection skills to assess how they learn and what strategies keep them regulated and ‘ready to learn’.

The curriculum for each Key Stage and subject shows the breadth and depth of study across each of the stages.  This provides a strong baseline of knowledge with which to build upon.  As pupils progress through the Key Stages, personalised learning programmes will be developed, informed by pupil’s strengths and passions. These will develop into personalised pathways in Key Stage 4. Each young person will leave with a bespoke C.V of skills, qualifications and experiences ready to take with them onto their next steps in further education, training or employment.

Impact – measuring continuous improvement for all

Formative assessment is conducted daily and is key in ensuring we are flexible and responsive to pupil’s needs, adjusting learning programmes as required to ensure the pupil remains central to their learning experience.

Summative assessments are completed half termly in order to provide timely feedback to learners and their families on their journey and progress thus far.

Links between subjects are made explicit and pupils should be able to see their learning as a holistic experience suited to their needs.

Diagnostic assessments made in relation to a pupils SEMH needs will be able to identify specific areas to focus on and teachers will be able to offer targeted support in these areas.

I would like to thank all the staff that have made my son feel welcome at your school. After last year at his old school we never thought we could help him feel happy and want to go to school…….now we are 100 % positive we made the right choice


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